Sleep Training: Day V and Night VI

We had a rough start to the day, and Juna fought all three of her naps, finally giving in and sleeping for 90 minutes during her catnap time. I allowed her to sleep, since she seemed extra fussy today, and I want to reinforce her moving through that 40-minute transition on her own. I watched her roll around, open her eyes a bit and then resettle herself. It was a proud moment for me!

We're not sure what caused her fussiness today. It may have been the late wake-up (7:50a.m.) or the poor sleep we got last night. She had three wake-ups at 12:40a.m., 4:30a.m. and 5:30a.m. and we had a very difficult time getting her back to sleep.

We have our three-month appointment with the pediatrician tomorrow, so it should be interesting to see how her naps are affected by this disruption in the routine.

Not much time to blog tonight... one of the advantages of having a schedule is knowing that Juna will be asleep around seven. We are having a friend over for dinner!

Good morning! Mama and Juna in our PJs. 

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